• Salomon Hong Kong Trail Series has been successfully launched, thanks to the support and cooperation of the following organizations.

  • Salomon is a world-leading outdoor sports brand established in France in 1947. It has always been committed to providing high-quality products and services for outdoor sports enthusiasts. The product range is wide, including trail running, hiking, outdoor clothing and so on. The brand focuses on product innovation and performance, combining the latest technology and functions to provide users with comfortable, durable and excellent performance products.

  • The trail running specialized store covers an area of ​​8,000 square feet. It collects all kinds of high-quality trail running and road running brands. It has a running experience area and looks forward to bringing you a new running experience! For sports enthusiasts, a variety of events are offered.

  • Organizer of many high-profile trail running races such as Salomon 100 and Salomon 50. It provides the best race experience for participants.

  • Founded in 1936, Suunto mainly focuses on the design and manufacture of professional sports equipment such as various sports watches, compasses and heart rate monitors. Products are widely used in various sports fields. Suunto has always been committed to continuously innovating and improving the performance and functions of products to meet the needs of various sports enthusiasts. As a leading sports technology brand, Suunto has become the first choice of many professional athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

  • Produced by Ajinomoto, a leading Japanese food manufacturer, the first version of "aminoVITAL" was launched in Japan in 1995. In the past 30 years, the group has continued to innovate. Through the latest amino acid sports science research, it helps top athletes to solve the problems of after training recovery. and sports performance maintenance.

  • The products are famous for their innovation, high quality and environment-friendly features. The company combines cutting-edge technology and craftsmanship to develop a range of products with outstanding performance and durability to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts in a variety of environments and conditions.

  • The popular Korean sports product ARC is the abbreviation of "A Running Club". It is a brand that connects running and daily life! Running and life are necessary parts of our life. The idea also inspired our love for the brand.

  • Sporcks is a brand from Spain that provides you with professional sports socks for running, cycling and triathlon. Adhere to the highest quality materials and design to create each sports socks, so that you can feel the ultimate comfort and performance in sports. No matter what kind of style you are looking for, SPORCKS can meet your needs.

  • Oakley launched the first sunglasses in 1984, featuring a unique wraparound design and impact-resistant lenses. Oakley's sunglasses are popular with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts for their durability and performance-enhancing features.

  • Passing our love and working for love

    Established in 1998, A Drop of Life is a Hong Kong registered NGO that strives to ensure the access to clean water and sanitation a reality for everyone. A Drop of Life works according to their mandate of “passing our love and working for love”, and they have been implementing sustainable water projects and building water facilities in the rural areas of Nepal, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Additionally, the organization promotes children's development programs, including school rebuilding and nutrition plans. In Hong Kong, A Drop of Life shows love and concern to underprivileged groups by organising charity visits and goodie bag distribution events. To date, over 5 million people has benefited from the work of A Drop of Life.

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  • Generously donate to the water-deprived villagers, make your participation more meaningful!

    With a donation of just HKD$550, you can provide one water filter for a Cambodian household. In many remote rural areas of Cambodia, clean drinking water is scarce and there is insufficient electricity supply to support electrical water purifiers. To make water purification projects more sustainable, A Drop of Life uses natural sand and stone as raw materials to install “Bio-sand Filters" for households. The Bio-sand Filter can isolate up to 90-99.99% of viruses and bacteria, and it is easy to operate and maintain, making it accessible for villagers to use. To date, A Drop of Life has installed Bio-sand Filters for more than 8,700 households. Hope you can participate together and help improve their basic living conditions!